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21 june 2013

Zewa Deluxe: The Longer lasts further

Zewa Deluxe: The Longer lasts further

The Brief

Changing the consumers mindset! In the years of a crisis people should rationalize their everyday spending and toilet paper is one of the segments where they consider changing to low quality brands against premium products, like Zewa. Keeping/increasing sales was our business goal, however we wanted to change the consumers mindset: Don’t consider changing but consider the length of the toilet paper as well, since this is one of the key points of cost efficiency.


The Solution

Utilize different media channels long attributes with the same concept to get enormous effect and eyecatching formats. Connecting to the „length” theme we identified the key touchpoints which have high reach and affinity and offers the possibility to utilize the media for our concept. During the format and mediatype selection process we focused on utilizing the length in media.

Out of home media offered the widest range of relevant ‘long’ solutions for us, where we used extra long sticker between the underground stairs in which a toilet paper rolled down, full branding of a tram, railing branding in tram stops, positioned floor stickers in toilets of shopping malls and city lights in shopping malls where the product could have been found. Online channel was able to make the toilet paper roll out from the banner (using connected overlay banners) in a cost effective way and led users to our landing page, while search engine marketing also caught the inquiring users. In print titles with high affinity we placed special, ‘rolling out the frame’ formats on editorial pages. And finally in TV we bought image spots with ‘educational’ tags.


The Results

Beside the media KPIs, that were fully outperformed, the Ipsos Brand Health Tracking for Zewa 2011 survey showed that Zewa was able to increase its brand presence in terms of top of mind and spontaneous awareness and value perception slightly improved. Success of the communication reflected in sales figures as well, since compared to 2010 same period the aggregated data showed a massive increase during the campaign in the biggest supermarket chain.