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24 june 2013

adidas supernova & miCoach spring campaign

adidas supernova & miCoach spring campaign

The Brief

In season support for adidas Supernova Glide 4 (premium running shoes) to increase sales with 25% vs. last year same period

Drive 45 000 unique users to the Hungarian website of adidas miCoach ( launched at the beginning of 2012

Generating 20% increase in downloads for adidas miCoach app (~336 downloads)


The Solution

Due to the limited budget we had to minimze the wastage but deliver all three objectives. Therefore our main task was to find and reach the active runners who can be potential running shoes buyers, and the potential users of webpage and mobile application at the same time. So we decided to place our campaign on four pillars:

The main pillar was the Digital platform. Here we had a strong image communication to create desire, increase awareness for the brand and build direct link to We used eye-catching banner, layer, sponsorship appearances and PPC campaign on Facebook and Google AdWords. Moreover we provided test shoes to some journalists of sport and health thematic sites who had the opportunity to test the shoes and wrote an article about their experiences. Also we had a product placement in a running and training theme video series where the soes were introduced while in use.

We had a 4-week image communication on Mobile to increase downloads of the app as well.

The other pillar was Print appearances where we had PR articles to introduce and highlight product benefits, support Supernova and miCoach in a decision making situation. Beside coupon insertion on glossy titles were offering 30% extra discount on the product.

The last pillar was an event cooperation with Vivicitta run race to reach potential consumers without wastage and puch local pressure. The racers were provided extra 30% discount in adidas stores when they presented their race numbers.


The Results

We succeeded to far over deliver on all KPIs thanks to the well-targeted, spectacular appearances highlighting the product benefits.

70% growth in the sales of Supernova shoes instead of planned 25% (compared to same period last year) - over delivered by 80%

More than 80 000 unique users have been delivered to instead of the planned 40 000 - over delivered by 79%

69% growth in the application downloads instead of the planned 20% - over delivered by 345%

The campaign won Bronze EFFIE award.