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21 june 2013

Opel Aftersales - mobile application

Opel Aftersales - mobile application

The Brief

Generate 2000 unique downloads in Google Play within 1 year

Secondary challenges:

To educate car owners of the importance of periodic garage services

To improve the judgment of the service centers

Increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty

Long-term aim was to reach used-car owners


The Solution

Nowadays smart phones are not just phones in a sense. Their range of usage goes way beyond just sending messages and initiating phone calls. They become a very important part of our lives in almost every situation. Thus the solution was a smart phone application that regularly sends notifications about the upcoming service tasks and their costs. It was executed in-house with the Kirowski Isobar creative team.

Due to limited budget and unique target group we needed to focus on well-targetable sites to minimize waste coverage. Digital platform suits our criteria, within this, we went for mobile.

The application was developed for Android/iOS, therefore only those solutions could be considered where appearances could be separated based on operation system. Thus, beside display ads, payed search was the perfect choice. All digital material made by Kirowski Isobar.

PR article appearances owned strong presence during the campaign in the form of paid advertisement and free editorial articles. As an extra idea QR codes were printed on POS materials placed in the service centers, and the motive repeated itself on the key rings prepared for the Opel Family Day event in May. The first period started after Christmas 2011, when people were home and had sufficient time to try out new things. Additionally we could predict the sharp increase in the amount of smart phone owners after Christmas, being a very popular gift for the occasion. The second wave was a reminder campaign with less intensive communication. In both cases we used mobile sites (Android/iOS targeted) and applications.


The Results

The free-to-download Android and iOS applications exceeded the planned number of downloads two months after the launch. Until the end of 2012 the total amount of downloads were 8,828. Users gave an average 4.2 rating for the application, which means they found its functions and provided services very useful. The result is outstanding, especially in terms of rating on such a critical market like Hungary – more users give more diverse rating, yet it sustained its top position. The app won 1st place in Mobile Hungary 2012.